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elected works by O'Neill
The Eugene O'Neill Newsletter
Suffolk University, 1977-1988

Contour in Time
Travis Bogard, 1972
St. Louis, 1999-2016
The Curse of the Misbegotten
Croswell Bowen, 1959
O'Neill Play by Play
Charles A. Carpenter, 2015
Part of a Long Story
Agnes Boulton, 1958
On O'Neill
Essays by O'Neill scholars
Selected Stories of Agnes Boulton
William Davies King, 2009
Touring Eugene O'Neill's New London
Robert A. Richter, 2001
A Formidable Shadow
D.C. Thomas, 2014
Research projects on O'Neill
More of a Long Story
Sheila O’Neill, 2008
Subject Index
Major articles and reviews in the Library
The Eugene O'Neill Songbook
Travis Bogard, 1993
Author Index
Major articles and reviews in the Library
Eugene O'Neill: A Critical Study
Sophus Keith Winther, 1934

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