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Before Breakfast  

Before Breakfast

New York: Frank Shay, 1916 (December)
First separate edition, wrappers



Atkinson # A7-II-1     Sanborn and Clark # 8

NOTES:  Signed presentation copy to Robert Sisk.

INSCRIPTION:  [On cast of characters page]

For Bob Sisk / All friendship! / Gene / Dec. '33

[With a line pointing to O'Neill's name in cast]

A great actor in parts like / this where the character is / unheard & unseen!

O'Neill's short-lived acting career began in 1912 when he was forced to take a part in his father's production of MONTE CRISTO as it toured the Orpheum Circuit. He later told friends, "Although I was only on stage for minutes at a time, I imagine there are still people in this country who awake screaming in the night at the memory of it."

O'Neill appeared in three of the Provincetown Players productions of his own works. He played the Second Mate in BOUND EAST FOR CARDIFF and the Negro Sailor in THIRST, as well as the off-stage husband in BEFORE BREAKFAST. This invisible character, whose arm is seen reaching through an open door for a bowl of shaving water, was O'Neill's favorite role, and his "last appearance on any stage."

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