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The Web
Film adaptation
UCLA, 2009

Director: Chris Davison
: Chris Davison
: Mike Buchard & Charles Lew
Sound: Birgit Doll     Director of Photography
: Heather Schmidt

Rose - Clare Salstrom
Steve - Joe Cipriani


The film resulted from an assignment given to me during film school at UCLA earlier this year, the professor told me that I had to shoot a film without any artistic flourishes like focus pulls or unusual angles, no fancy camera movements, etc, he told me to find an unproduced play that I could shoot in a sparse, bleak visual style and “The Web” fit the bill perfectly. I also picked it since I think it’s a good early look at an upcoming body of work, with key themes of despair and nihilism, written many years before the Pulitzer- and Nobel-prize winners. We completed principal photography in three hours of one day since that’s how long we had access to the location, the actors were recommended by classmates at UCLA and my fellow students operated the camera, the sound boom, etc. While on-set I worked mostly with the actors to help them find truth in their performances (which they did, they’re both really good) and then I did the postproduction work. One interesting factoid: we shot this in August in Redondo Beach, on a bright sunny day at the beach so it was a bit of a push to create a dark, rainy New York atmosphere!

Chris Davison, December, 2009

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