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The Emperor Jones
Iron Age Theatre – Norristown, Pennsylvania
March 4-27, 2011

Director: John Doyle
Set Design: Randall Wise     Lightening Design: Ben Levan

Mask Design
Luke Moyer     Percussion: John Scaduto, John Grosso

Brutus Jones - Kash Goins
Smithers - Luke Moyer
Old Woman, Witch Doctor - Tiffany Joyner
Lem, Jeffrey - Richard Bradford
Ensemble - Maurice Tucker, Josh Cameron


Goins writhes about the stage, dripping with sweat as Jones plummets more deeply into his internal hell. His powerless terror is made all the more intense by John Scaduto’s driving African beats. Jones’ visions are intensified by director John Doyle’s haunting chorus ensemble as they lurk and crawl across the stage with ghostly presence – continually reminding Jones of the black world he belongs to. The costumes and bamboo set by Randall Wise perfectly reflect the interior madness and jungle fever.

Dante J.J. Bevilacqua, Montgomery News

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