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EDWARD BROWN, hardware merchant of Bridgetown, Conn.
MRS. BROWN, his wife
EDWARD, their son
, a town alderman
HARRY, their son
JOHN, their son
MARY, their daughter, a school-teacher
BESSIE, their daughter, a stenographer
RICHARD STEELE, dry goods merchant of Bridgetown
MAUD, his daughter
STEVE HARRINGTON, an art student
"BABE" CARTER, an art student
TED NELSON, a writer
EUGENE GRAMMONT, Master of the Art School
HELENE, a cloak and suit model

Act First The sitting-room of Edward Brown's home in Bridgetown, Conn. on a hot evening in August of the present day.
Act Second The studio in New York in which John is living—about a year and a half later.
Act Third The same—four months later.
Act Fourth The living-room of John's home in Bridgetown—two years later.

Period—The Present Day.

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