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Eugene O’Neill

Production Personnel

Madeline C. Smith and Richard Eaton
Jefferson: McFarland & Company, 2005
First edition


Entries 1–22


From Broadway to regional and college stages and back again, the plays of Eugene O’Neill have been widely presented to audiences around the world. This work brings together biographical information on more than 3300 individuals who have appeared in or been a part of O’Neill productions. Some came famous to their roles; some used a play as a springboard to success; many had their O’Neill moment and were heard from no more. All—including actors, directors, producers, and other personnel—are listed here. Each entry includes either the role played (for cast members) or the position filled (for crew) and the opening dates and place of the production. Where possible, fuller biographical data, including birth and death dates and information on other performances, is provided. Indexes offer access to titles, characters, and theater names.


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