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The Eugene O'Neill Newsletter

Wilkins, Frederick C. (ed)
Boston: Suffolk University, 1977-1988

The Newsletter Online

Welcome all! The Eugene O'Neill Newsletter is a response to the opinion of many scholars that a journal devoted to Eugene O'Neill is badly needed.  Surely America's greatest dramatist deserves the honor that has been granted many of his literary inferiors: a regular publication devoted solely to him and his work.  Not a pudgy review or quarterly, for there are already many sources for publishing more sizable essays and monographs; but a newsletter, in which those far-flung articles can be summarized, in which forthcoming O'Neill productions and books can be announced (and previous ones reviewed), and in which the O'Neillians of academe can share news and insights with O'Neillians of the proscenium.preview issue, January, 1977


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