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Eugene O'Neill: A Study

Raghavacharyulu, D. V. K.
Bombay: Popular Prakashan
First edition, with dust jacket


Perhaps for the first time, the author of this book attempts to view O'Neill's work as a single act of creation reflecting a unique and characteristic sensibility that shaped and controlled his imagination.  He relates the story of the playwright's inner growth, change, and conflict as a cyclical progression of the artistic consciousness through four distinct phases each impelled by a central idea such as "belonging", "becoming", "being", nothingness".

For historical reasons the academic interest in India in American literature has been very little.  But of late the Indian scholars have begun to study American literature.  This book has sprung from an intensive and painstaking study undertaken by the author for his doctoral dissertation at the University of Pennsylvania.  This work is therefore very significant and must be considered a leap in bringing about a closer relationship of the American and Indian literature.dust jacket


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