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American Playwrights of Today

Mantle, Burns
New York: Dodd, Mead & Co., 1929
First edition, with dust jacket

    NOTES:  "Eugene O'Neill", 3-21.

This is a new volume in the Modern American Writers' Series and meets a long-felt want for live, informative material about the men and women who are writing our plays today.  Among those included are Paul Green, George Abbott, Owen Davis, Eugene O'Neill, Sidney Howard, Maxwell Anderson, Frank Craven, Rachel Crothers, Channing Pollock, and many more.  Practically every dramatist of note has received Mr. Mantle's attention, and to each he has devoted a biographical sketch and a list and general criticism of his plays.

Mr. Mantle's authorship of this volume is a guarantee of its attractiveness and its reliability.  As a dramatic critic of long standing, he knows many of the dramatists personally and has reviewed their plays, giving him a personal and intimate touch which adds greatly to his treatment of this broad subject.dust jacket


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