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A parking lot now stands on part of the site of the Lyceum Theatre, a popular venue for touring plays and pre-Broadway tryouts, which opened on April 7, 1890. Companies used the Lyceum to rehearse and polish new productions before appearing in larger cities. While in New London the theater companies stayed at the Crocker House.

Playbill for James O誰eill痴 The Musketeers
at the Lyceum Theatre, January 30, 1900

Lyceum Theatre

Companies headed by James O誰eill, William Gillette, David Belasco, and other theater luminaries made the Lyceum a part of their New England tours. The Lyceum often opened its season with James O誰eill in The Count of Monte Cristo or another play in his company痴 repertoire. James O誰eill generously provided his youngest son with tickets so that he and his friends were able to see most of the productions that came to New London. The Lyceum presented both vaudeville and drama. These productions probably provided Eugene O誰eill with some of his earliest theater experiences.

By 1937 the Lyceum was vacant, and in the mid-1950s it was torn down to make way for an addition to the Baptist Church on Huntington Street.


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