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Bay Area Radio Drama, 1993
Producer: Erik Bauersfeld     Director: José Quintero
Sound Design: Randy Thom     Artistic Director: Travis Bogard
Technical Assistance: Jim McKee

Night Clerk - Jack Dodson
Erie - Jason Robards

The rehearsals and recording of the play took place in one of the large Lucasfilm studios made up as a hotel lobby. Erie's entrance to the lobby and his wandering around during the monologues, required the sound of his walking. What was recorded worried Sound Designer, Randy Thom. Something not right about the shoes. Actors Robards and Dodson recalled the shoes worn during all their stage performances of Hughie, winged tip shoes, white and brown. Robards immediately called his wife in Connecticut, and the shoes arrived the next morning promptly, 10:00 AM, at Lucasfilm in Nicasio, CA for the recording session. Their sound was the real thing.

– Erik Bauersfeld

(from left) Jack Dodson, José Quintero, Jason Robards, Randy Thom and Kent Brown on the scoring stage of Skywalker Sound. (photo by Erik Bauersfeld)

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