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The Hairy Ape
Bay Area Radio Drama, 1989
Executive Producer: Eric Bauersfeld     Director: Jose Quintero
Sound Design: Randy Thom     Artistic Director: Travis Bogard
Technical Assistance: Jim McKee

Yank - George Dzundza
Paddy - Eric Christmas
Long - Christopher Grove
Mildred - Deborah May

Aunt - Mercedes Shirley
Engineer - Steve Barr
Secretary - Bill Wanton
Frank - Larry Drake

Scene I  (00:00)
Scene II  (19:38)
Scene III  (27:50)
Scene IV  (34:23)
Scene V  (45:26)
Scene VI  (56:27)
Scene VII  (1:06:18)
Scene VIII  (1:17:42)

The Hairy Ape entirely lives up to expectations and despite the strict parameters of radio drama (or perhaps because of them) it is the most haunting and lucid presentation of this work ever achieved.

Designer Randy Thom, has miraculously produced O'Neill's desired "brazen metallic quality" in the actor's throats. It is the audiophonic style that lifts it from the dreary level of operatic realism to which it so often sinks on the stage. Quintero has stylized the ship's crew in such a way that they seem to be reverberations of Yank's sensibility.

The greatest compliment to a radio play is an overwhelming desire to visualize it. Not because the radio interpretation is lacking but precisely because it is so compelling. It is like a sťance that successfully makes contact with the spirit of Eugene O'Neill.

Charles Marowitz, LA Herald Examiner

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