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The Emperor Jones
Bay Area Radio Drama, 1990
Producer: Erik Bauersfeld     Director: Jose Quintero
Sound Design: Randy Thom     Artistic Director: Travis Bogard
Technical Assistance: Jim McKee

Brutus Jones - Joe Morton
Henry Smithers - Richard Riehle
Old Native Woman - Francine Martin
Jeff - Ronald William Martin
Lem - Abdul Salaam El Razaac

Ensemble -
Steve Barr, Doug Kelly
Laurie Kempson, Ronald Lawrence
Bob Poynton, Richard Riehle
Debbie Tilton, Yosheh

Scene 1  (00:00)
Scene 2  (32:55)
Scene 3  (43:28)
Scene 4  (51:02)
Scene 5 (59:30)
Scene 6  (1:05:42)
Scene 7  (1:10:28)
Scene 8  (1:14:51)

Jones is powerfully rendered by Joe Morton. What's stunning about the production is the sound design by Academy Award winner Randy Thom. The crew went on location recording the show for desired acoustical effects among the boulders in the desert of Joshua Tree National Monument. You feel the presence of the jungle in a steamy way that not only separates the experience from a stage production but also enhances it until you're ready to jump into a war dance. Here's radio at its peak. It doesn't get any better than this.

Ray Loynd, Los Angeles Times

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