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Anna Christie
The Lux Radio Theatre
Broadcast: CBS - Monday, February 07, 1938
     Producer: J. Walter Thompson

Host - Cecil B. DeMille
Mat Burke
- Spencer Tracy
Marthy Owen - Marjorie Rambeau
Anna Christopherson - Joan Crawford
Chris Christopherson - George Marion, Sr.

(Four minute passage missing from beginning of Act 3)

The Lux Radio Theater was first heard on NBC October 14, 1934 as a Sunday afternoon show. On July 19, 1935, it moved to CBS and into it's long running Monday night time slot. All shows were one hour long.

Less than a year after it's arrival on the air, the series' ratings began to drop. Danny Danker, an executive working for the advertising agency handling the Lux account, was given the responsibility to improve the show. What the show needed was extravaganza, and what the show got was Cecil B. DeMille.

With DeMille as host, The Lux Radio Theater brought in big name stars and brought the show back up to the top of the charts. DeMille became an institution on the show, conveying an almost frantic "the show must go on" attitude. Mr. DeMille left after the Jan. 22, 1945 show. The role of show host changed a number of times through the remainder of the show's history. William Keightley was the last host, remaining for the show's last curtain call on June 7, 1955.

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